Career in Defence

Indian Armed Forces have a reputation of being one of the finest in the world and offer a very challenging and Attractive career for Indian youth(both men and women). Indian armed forces, after induction, impart required training to ensure that individual becomes fully capable of handling difficult and complex situation arising in operational and administrative spheres. The services environment offers:-

1- A very healthy work culture. It offers challenging and result-oriented environment and is best suited for honest and upright person to serve and as such holds the promise of bringing high social standing and honour to an individual joining the same.

2- Individual becomes true nationalist and stops distinguishing individuals based on religion, cast and regional basis. It is the only career which demands and teaches supreme sacrifice for the country.

3- Armed forces is a major setup, which provide reasonably good and fast career growth. Career growth in armed forces depends on performance and your skill. Certain courses entitle you to additional pay and allowances. Life in armed forces is regimented and it takes priority over normal life and builds up Esprit-de-Corps.

4- Indian Armed Forces render invaluable service to the nation, both in times of war and peace. Though there prime task is defending our nation against external aggression, many times it is called to restore internal strife and help in natural calamities.

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